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Wing thing
Playname: Wing thing guard pass
Wing Thing Formation

• Players break from huddle and sprint to LOS, set up in two point stance with 2 foot splits.
• Ball is snapped at angle to QB within 5 seconds of huddle break.
• Linemen block down to nearest man inside, if no one there go to pass protection.
• Outside RB's blocks down and set up for pass protection.
• Inside RB goes down the back side of the LOS bowing gradually back to cut off pursuit and pass blocks.
• QB catches the snap on the run and runs for 2-3 yards, pulls up and throws back to the weak side guard. This is about a 7 yard pass. There is no hesitation.
• Weak side guard who is an eligible reciever push blocks down and releases to the inside and curls about 3 yards
• It is amazing how nobody covers the WSG.
Submitted by: Ron Ortiz
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