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Wing thing
Playname: Wing thing counter
Wing Thing Formation

• Players break from huddle and sprint to LOS, set up in two point stance with 2 foot splits.
• Ball is snapped at angle to QB within 5 seconds of huddle break.
• Linemen slide down to nearest man inside and block him to the outside. Weak side guard blocks outside rusher to the outside.
• First outside RB blocks down, second outside RB goes across field and blocks any defender in the secondary to cut off pursuit.
• Inside RB goes down the back side of the LOS and takes an inside handoff from the QB.
• QB catches the snap on the run and sprints simulating a run to the outside while gradually losing depth and hands off to the countering RB.
• Ball carrier now bends into the center and weak side gap area as there is a running lane expanding due to the defensive flow. He must not attempt to run to the outside as there will be 2-3 defenders in this area trying to track down the QB from behind.
• This is the play you want to run after the defense has made its shifting corrections to this formation.
Submitted by: Ron Ortiz
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