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Wing thing
Playname: Wing thing pass
Wing Thing Formation

• Players break from huddle and sprint to LOS, set up in two point stance with 2 foot splits.
• Ball is snapped at angle to QB within 5 seconds of huddle break.
• Linemen block down to nearest man inside, if no one is in the inside, go to pass protection.
• First outside RB blocks down, second outside RB blocks down on a man and then releases up field and outward for pass. He must release and sprint hard to separate from DB's before they realize it is a pass.
• Inside RB bows back and out and squares up for pass protection.
• QB catches the snap on the run and sprints simulating a run while gradually gaining depth. Once he see the receiver separate from his block he continues to run for about 3 yards and then throws the pass.
• This play is good near the goal line after the defense has seen the run a couple of times.
• QB must not run half heartedly as it will tip off the defense to a pass and/or he will be caught from behind.

Submitted by: Ron Ortiz
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