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Playname: Clear the square
Purpose: This is a RB Lead block drill. This is the exact type of block that would be required of a fullback on an isolation play or our power series. In our offense we want all of our non-X men to be able to make a "climb block". It is a fun drill and teaches the players to be physical and stick like glue to the defender.

Equipment: 5 Cones, one blocking shield

Procedure: Place 4 cones in a 2 yard by 2 yard square. Have a defender with a blocking shield inside the square. The defender should be coached to stay square and protect himself with the shield at all times. He is to try and stay in the square while only using the shield to absorb the blocks of the back. Place a "starting cone" 3 yards from the edge of the square. The offensive player starts in a 3 point stance and attacks the defender on the Coach's command. The object is to de-cleat the defender, if not, stick to him and continue to fight and drive and maul him until he's out of the square or on his back.

Coaching Tips: Insist on heads up face up contact in the middle of the player or shield. No holding!!! Drive both hands and face into the chest of the defender. drive feet until the whistle. Use quick whistles if the player is failing.

For competition time the kids against the same defender. Borrow a lineman from the O-line.

Coaching the players: Head up at all times, play the whistle. Drive through the middle of the bag, step on the defenders toes and keep running rather than diving. We do not do dive blocks. Block until the echo of the whistle.
Submitted by: Jason Wilcox

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