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Playname: 10 yard fight
Purpose: To Identify physical tough punishing runners. This drill will identify runners with balance, power, and determination. This will also help in holding on the ball when taking a hit.

Equipment Needs: 10 Blocking hand shields (Optional), 10 Cones, One football.

Procedure: Place two cones at the goal line approx 10 yards apart. Place two more at 10 yard increments. Place 2 defenders inside each box of cones. They patrol that box and will maul any runner who hopes to pass through. Their job is to prevent the runner from staying on his feet and in bounds in their box. The runner will have a football and attempt to advance the ball through each set of the boxes using all run skills including power, elusiveness, faking, stiff arms, and speed. He must not be knocked off his feet or pushed out of bounds.
Defenders may only use the shields to impede the runner's progress. They may not tackle the runner but they may try to pancake the runner with a hard pop. The object for the back is to make it through in the fastest time.

Coaching Tips: have the defenders start on the back line of their box. They cannot leave their box or move off that line until the runner enters the box. Whistle quick and loud if the back is knocked down or out of bounds. This is a competitive drill for starting positions.

Coaching the athletes - Ball security, heads up, make one miss and take one on.

Alternative: One defender in each box and it is tackle.
Submitted by: Jason Wilcox

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