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Playname: Terminator
Purpose: Terminator is a great game. This tests a runner's elusiveness, balance, power, and determination.

Equipment: 6 Plastic Trash cans, 10 footballs, 4 cones

Procedure: Setup 3 trash cans 5 yards apart in a triangle on one end of a 20x20 yard field. Set up 3 more cans in the same patterns on the far end of that field. Place 6 footballs to their side of the midline. Place two defenders, the terminators, at each end to guard the 3 cans. Their job is to prevent the runners from dropping balls into the cans. Use two yard lines as a neutral zone where the balls are set down. This area is safe from the terminators.

Two competitors start at opposite sides of the midline. On the command each can run in any direction and pick up a football and run with it. Eluding the terminators long enough to score by dropping their ball in a bucket. The runner loses the ball every time he is tackled and must run back to touch the midline before starting again. If a runner scores he must also run back to touch the midline. No runner can be tackles if he doesn't have the football.

Coaching Tips: Vary the number of defenders, balls or offensive players. Don't let it get too crowded however. Vary the size of the arena. Use quick whistles on tackles to prevent injury. Terminators may not leave their side of the arena.

Coaching the player: Ball security, hard physical running. Encourage a runner to be physical and drive hard through contact for the bucket. Encourage the runner to use stiff arms and spin moves.
Submitted by: Jason Wilcox
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