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When the text tab is selected the text can be edit, also the associated sketch is visible.


At the top of the window there are, quick options to open, save or creating a new play and to undo/redo your last action.


The ribbon bar has the following buttons and information blocks:


clipboard-24        Paste the text from the clipboard.

scissors2-24        Cut the text and place the text on the clipboard.

copy-24        Copy the text and place the text on the clipboard.



Change the text style, size and color.

Insert special symbols.

Use the text edit buttons to format the text.



Select all the text at once.


Drill/Play info

Information about the play, how many players and pucks are needed, how long should the drill take and the rating of the drill/play.

Change the play information by pressing the expand button.



add-play-24        Add the selected play or category to the plan.


At the left side the available plays and drills are shown.

There are 5 different play types available (drills, plays, formations, templates and other), which can be selected by clicking on the buttons at the bottom. the header will show the selected play type.

In the play type you can then select the category followed by the play or drill of your choice.


By right clicking on a play you can copy, delete, rename or give it one or more tags.


When tags are available the tag filter is visible at the top is visible.


On the right side you can select the sketch to work on.

If the Animation only checkbox is checked the current sequence will not be printed.

Add a sketch below the current sketch by pressing Add sketch,  The maximum number of sketches per play is 75.

Move a sketch up or down.

And delete the selected sketch.