Export a plan to HTML

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This option will export the current plan list in HTML format.


The following option can be set:

One page, if checked all the plays in the plan list will be placed in one html file, otherwise the plays will be placed in separate html files with a separate index.

If the one page option is selected you can choose to add a contents part to the beginning of the file.

If the Show header checkbox is checked a header is added to the HTML file, containing a logo and the category.

The logo can be changed on the export tab of the options menu option.

To use unformatted text check the Use plain text checkbox.

The page width in pixels can be changed by setting a new value.


Pressing the Ok button will save the play in html format. The default file name is the title of the plan list.


After saving the plan list in HTML format with static images the file can be used to import the html file in all modern word processors.


The file format of the images used with the HTML export can be set in the export tab of the options menu option. The images part of the play will be saved with the sequence number added to the filename. Images will be saved in a separate folder with the name of the category/play.