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Options - Export


The following options can be set here.




You can change the logo used in the header when exporting to PDF, html format or printing by clicking the browse button and selecting a new images. The image will be resized by the program to fit, images with a width of 260 and a height of 180 pixels work fine (13:9).

By clicking the Default button the logo will be reset to the default logo


Image file format for export

You can choose between the PNG and JPG file format.

PNG is a loss less file format, and works very well for diagrams. However some mail clients don't support it.

JPEG is a lossy file format, and more suited for photographs, which means the quality of a diagram will not be perfect.

For playbook sketches the file size of a PNG file is up to ten times smaller than a JPEG file of the same sketch.

If the "Try using anti-alias on copy image" option is checked the program will try to apply an anti-alias filter on the image, when copying an image to the clipboard (CTRL+I) or (SHIFT+CTRL+I).


Pressing the OK button will store the changes and bring you back to the main window.


Pressing the Apply button will store your changes.


The Cancel button will bring you back to the main window, no changes will be made.