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Wing thing
Playname: Wing thing
Wing Thing Formation

• Players break from huddle and sprint to LOS, set up in two point stance with 2 foot splits.
• Ball is snapped at angle to QB within 5 seconds of huddle break. At this time the defense has not set up yet due to confusion of formation and is out flanked and out numbered  
• Linemen block down to nearest man inside, if no one is in the inside, go to LB inside on second level.
• Two outside RB's have same responsibilities as lineman or heads up man. Inside RB has outside containment man usually a CB.
• QB catches the snap on the run and goes to outside running lane of the RB's blocks.
• This is a great 1st play of the game as your opponent is already in its set defensive formation waiting for you to break the huddle. Usually only two or three defensive players shift leaving everyone else out flanked or totally out of the play.
• QB must sprint straight for the opening to avoid the backside pursuit.
Submitted by: Ron Ortiz
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