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Playname: Drive for discipline
Purpose: this is a discipline and cadence drill that also reps take offs, the c/qb exchange and the proper QB footwork.

Procedure: Put a center and left side of an offensive line on the goal line at the left has headed toward the opposite goal line. Put a center and right side of the offensive line on the other hash mark. Put a QB with each line.
The two QB's take turns calling the cadence and each center will snap the ball to the qb. QB will execute desired footwork. All will fire off the ball for 5 yards and reset in their stances. If a team jumps or comes of the ball late, lazy or slow the coach moves them back 5 yards. The first team to drive up and back for a td is the winner.
All fumbled snaps are a 10 yard penalty. Coach will call the snap count before each repetition.

Equipment: None

Coaches Tips: the qb with the left side offensive line should use the footwork for plays to that side. QA on the right side should use the footwork for plays to that side. When they switch directions the other side will be worked for both QB's. If short on time vary the distance from 5 yards to 10 or 15 yards.

Coaching the players: be down and set before down is called. Do not move at all until the snap count. QB's use the same cadence and same tone and volume. All players should explode off the ball with knees to numbers taking the short first step. NO STANDING UP ON TAKE OFF.
Submitted by: Jason Wilcox
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