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Playname: Double trouble
Purpose: this is a nice introduction to double team contacts and is a useful tool in the evaluation of toughness and desire. Kids who are wimpy won't be good at either side of this battle while those that have the desire will do well even when outnumbered in the early stages of practice. As skill develops the double teams will always kick anyone's butt.

Equipment: None

Procedure: two offensive players line up in a 3 point stance, foot to foot, shoulder wide stances, squared up and straight ahead. 1 yard way directly in the game is the "splitting headache" defensive player who wants nothing more than to drive thru that gap with all his speed and strength to touch the cone that is 1 yard behind the inside heels of the blockers. The blockers want to use team work to squeeze at the hips and run hip to hip and shoulder to should to put the defender past the cone that is 3 yards behind the defender.

Coaching Tips: Keep defenders up on all fours at first, later, have them just dive out and see if the double team can still dif the defender out. Vary the placement of the cone behind the defender. Give 3 points to the defender if he can touch the cone. Give one point to the blockers if they win. Play to 6 points then rotate, have multiple stations going.

Coaching the players: All players must keep their heads up. Defenders must not spear not duck the head and neck. The blockers should step with their inside foot first to bring the hips together. Stay square on the defender, punch with the offhand, squeeze with the flipper and ear. Run your feet!!!!
Submitted by: Jason Wilcox
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