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Playname: Cadence/hitting position popup
Purpose: to reinforce explosive movement on the proper cadence count. Reinforce the hitting position. Conditioning and Discipline.
Establish timing and recognition of the QA's cadence.

Equipment: None

Procedure: Place the QB candidates in the front of the squads of players spaced 5 years apart. All players lying flat on their bellies with hands in a push-up position. One QB calls the cadence and on command all players explode up to their feet and snap into the hitting position.
Repeat for 15 reps or 5 reps per QB. Consequences for Mistakes are an additional 3 reps, one per QB.

Coaches Tips: Use this time to encourage work either, focus and discipline. Look for signs on laziness and poor effort. Coach up the proper hitting position pulling players aside for one on one time if necessary. Encourage Explosive movement on the count.

Coaching the players: Players must go flat on the belly, each time. Must snap into proper hitting position and hold it until told "down". Proper Hitting Position is Head Up, Back flat, neck bulled, Z in the knees.
Submitted by: Jason Wilcox
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