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Playname: Angle of pursuit
Angle of Pursuit Drill
• 1 Linebacker

• 1 Runningback
• 1 Quarterback (optional)

Place two cones approximately 20 yards apart with one cone approximately four (4) yards in front of the other.  Align additional cones along the "sideline".

At one cone line up a running back or ball carrier and at the other line up a line backer or tackler facing the opposite direction of the ball carrier.

At the coaches whistle have the ball carrier proceed at full speed down the sideline.  The tackler then has to locate the ball carrier and pursue him taking the proper angle of attack.

Insure proper ball carrying techniques etc. as well as proper angle of attack and form tackling.

The ball carrier may have the ball in his hands prior to the whistle or a quarter back may be allowed to hand off or pass the ball to him down field.
Submitted by: T.J. Martin
Sub categories: Running, Running back drills

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