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Playname: Straight pass
Straight Pass Drill

• Place cones on outside of hash marks as receivers line up on the inside of the cone. QB's should be on other hash mark with footballs in front of them. Coach should be positioned about 12 yards deep and to the outside of the receiver's path.
• QB's throw soft looping passes to receivers who catch ball over their shoulder approximately 10 yards downfield.
•  Receivers are to run hard all the way through to reception and then continuing to sprint to opposite side QB.
• Coaches stress looking ball in and tucking it away as they catch.
•  Place ball in front of QB and proceed to the back of the other line and await the next pass.
• As soon as QB's throw a ball they are to grab another one and signal the next receiver to go.
• It is recommended to have at least 6 footballs for this drill.
• If a pass is dropped or thrown badly, receiver is to hustle to the ball and pick it up simulating a fumble and then sprint to the opposite QB for drill to continue flowing.
Drill submitted by: Ron Ortiz
Sub category: Receiver drills

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