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Playname: Slant pass
Slant Pass Drill

• QB's are positioned in the middle of the hash marks.
• Receivers are positioned about 10 - 12 yards outside.
• 1st cone is positioned at 1 yard deep in front of receiver where they will use as a cut reference.
• Outside foot needs to be back as this is a one step forward and then cut at a 45 degree angle inside. If the inside foot is back it takes two steps before you can cut in.
• Three cones are positioned at a 45 degree angle up field from the first cone.
• Two cones are stacked where the receiver needs to turn up field after reception.
• Receiver sprints up field and then places ball in front of opposite QB. Then proceed to the back of the line for the next pass.
• QB's hit the receiver about 7 yards up field.
• Coaches are positioned for best viewing instructing receivers to cut hard and then catch ball, looking it in, and then tucking the ball away and turn up field hard and sprint.
• After QB throws to the receiver he should grab another ball and repeat sequence to the next receiver.
Drill submitted by: Ron Ortiz
Sub category: Receiver drills

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