Export a play in animated GIF

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This option will export the current play in animated GIF.


The following options can be set:

Use transparent color, if checked only the changes in the frames will be saved in the animation file resulting in a smaller file size.

Loop animation, keep on playing the animation.

Play animation x times, Repeat playing the animation a x number of times.


The time a frame is shown can be set, there are 4 kinds of frames:

The first frame of the animation.

A normal frame, these are intermediate frames created by the application to get from one sequence to an other and the sequences where the animation only checkbox is checked.

A sketch frame, the sequence where the animation only checkbox is not checked.

And the last frame of the animation.


When the Within html page checkbox is checked the following options are available:

If the Show Header checkbox is checked a header is added to the HTML file, containing a logo and the category.

The logo can be changed on the export tab of the options menu option.

To use unformatted text check the Use plain text checkbox.


The page width in pixels can be changed by setting a new value.


Pressing the Ok button will save the play in GIF format with a html page if selected. The default file name is the play name of the selected play.