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Offense option pass
Playname: Shot slot 21 counter pass
QB Read LE.
- If  overplay to the outside Handoff underneath.
- If don't overplay run play action counter, RB Block
- RB runs inside for shuffle pass underneath

If slot is wide open on the wheel route hit him!
If not
- QB keeper if out side lane is open or if LB doesn't commit to QB.
If run lane not there or LB commit to QB
- Shuffle pass to RB underneath

If neither run option is open
- Look for WR on the crossing route
- Look for Slot Getting open

*If first handoff is made underneath
- Split Out WR has to block outside LOLB
- Slot has to block SS
- Flanker WR has to put a hit on FS
Submitted by: Terranee Collins
Sub categories: Offense, Offense option pass

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