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Playname: Cones-burst
To improve the foot quickness and balance of receivers, within a route, they can stop and come back to the QB.

1. The teaching station is a 10-yard square, with one cone at each corner and one cone in the middle of the square.

2.  Place 2 square bags at each far corner and one square bag at one near corner to prevent false steps.

3.  One coach stands behind each bag while an assistant (with ball) is stationed at the starting cone.

4.  On command, each receiver sprints to each cone stopping to re-direct with only 3 steps.

5.  When the receiver exits the last cone, the assistant throws the ball to him.
Key Points:
-When attacking the cones the receiver runs full speed to simulate game conditions.
-To stop quickly the receiver drops his center of gravity over his toes and executes the cut on the third step with his outside foot.
-The downfield coaches should correct the stop and comeback technique.
Submitted by: Carlos Flores
Sub categories: Running, Passing

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