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Playname: Ace rt. 37 stretch
Ace Right 37 Stretch
• O-Line: LG pulls to left.  Others bucket and wash.
• QB: Sprints to HB for handoff.
• HB: Accepts handoff at indicator
• TE: Blocks SLB
• X: Crackback block on WLB

OL uses bucket step technique to get in front of DL
• LG must pivot on right foot, pull left elbow, and run straight, not diagonal.  Blocks first defender he sees in 7 hole or CB.
• QB must run away from, not parallel to the line of scrimmage.
• TB first steps are sideways, not forward, and should use LG and Z as lead blockers.
• Z should chop feet moving upfield 3 - 5 yards and let a defender come to him.
Submitted by: Maurice E. Dolberry
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