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Playname: 40 drop contain
This play is designed to protect against:
• sweeps to the left or right
• screens to the sidelines
• TE/WR Passes

At the snap, MLB drops back and plays a zone about 3yds deeper than normal.

The Strong and Weak LBs Run up and watch the offensive back(s) who move toward their side of the play.

The DBs drop into a Double (over-under) coverage with the WRs.
When the play starts, and the players commit to the routes.

The Strong and Weak Linebackers stick tight on their respective backs.

The Middle Linebacker's responsibility is as follows:
• Play the assigned zone if Tight end blocks
• Play tight coverage on the TE if he runs a route
If the DBs hold coverage and the MLB can stick the TE.
...The Quarterback is trapped with no outlets.

The DL scrapes down and corners the QB between them, the sideline, and the Linebacker to his rolling side.
At the last second, the LB makes a move off his back toward the QB. The QB can dump the ball, or take the sack.

The key to this is that the WRs be double covered and no coverages are blown.
Submitted by: Patrick Moore
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