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Playname: 23 trap
Double Wing 23 Trap
In the youth league that I coach, we are mandated to use a 6-3 defense and so this play is a great addition following a couple of set up plays such as an off-tackle or a sweep. Get them biting on the corners; the more that the outside linebackers and safeties are cheating out the better this works.

The number system is:
1 - Quarterback
2 - Fullback
3 - Left Wingback
4 - Right Wingback

X & Z line up as tight ends, but in this play they become receivers and the 3 back stays in against the defensive end.
This works great to suck in the ends as they attempt to take advantage of the vacating receivers. All the 3 back must do is get in the way of the end as he/she hard charge into the backfield.

With The X & Z receivers going on a "fly or "go" route, it should at least draw the outside linebackers out of run defense position. It only has to make them second-guess the play for a moment. The receivers are the key here.
The Center takes a D guard on his/her right. Right O guard takes D tackle; right O tackle takes D end.

The Left side of the O line blocks to the left man up with 3 back on the D end. A standard cross trap block can be done if your linemen are fast enough. Although if there is too much line activity, it may tip the linebackers off and freeze them inside.

The 4 back is the lead block into the hole with his responsibility being the middle linebacker.

Once downfield the 2 back should have at least a lane to shoot thru.

I have run this play with great success over the years. If set up correctly and executed properly, it should catch the defense by surprise and get at least a 1st down...usually much more.

Coach Rick Totten
PSA Football
Lebanon, Oregon
Submitted by: Rick Totten

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