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Throw back pass
Playname: Waggle screen-throw back
After you run this play with the wide receiver  that catches the initial pass keeps it and runs down field, you have the defense set up for the throw back pass to the sniffer back or half back that is going to sell pass block on defensive end then release up field for a wide open touchdown guaranteed.

RB- will go in motion and block corner back
inside WR - blocks next defender inside the cornerback
outside WR- catches ball and keeps it the first time the play is run, but will throw it when you need a touchdown. He will draw play side safety attention, because safety will think he's running again.
Offensive line - zone block to the left
Quarterback- will quickly throw ball to wide receiver, then flare to the right as if to maybe receive the ball back from WR. This action should draw the corner back who has flats containment.
Halfback or sniffer back (as we call it) - will block defensive end for 1 second then run a rail up field. He will be wide open!!!
Split receiver or Tight End - run hard at safety to occupy him or as if to block him, your job is to keep safety busy.
Play submitted by: Steve Cantu
Sub category: Offense

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