Animated football drills
Playname: Read the block
This drill is good for teaching running backs how to read their blocks.  It also is good for teaching linebackers how to shed a block and make a tackle.

The QB tells the FB if he'll go through the 1 or the 2 hole.  Change it up each time.  The QB gets to practice his handoffs.

The C blocks straight ahead.

The LB tries to avoid the block of the C and make the tackle.

Early in the pre-season everyone takes a turn.  Each position is assigned a number, FB - 1, C - 2, LB - 3.  QB doesn't rotate.

Players rotate 1, 2, 3 and then off.

Later in the pre-season the players stick to their positions.

We use tackling dummies on each side to create a lane and not allow the FB to avoid the tackle.
Drill submitted by: Jim McNally
Sub category: Running back drills

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