Sketch tab options

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Options - Sketch


If the option "Try moving players to new position when adding a sequence" is checked the program will try to move players and pucks to their next position, when a new last sequence is added.

Checking the option "Use undo history list", will make the undo, redo history available  on the edit drawing tab, if this option is not selected the undo function will "remember" only the last action.

If the "Keep line buttons down" option is checked, a line drawing button will stay down after completing a line, this might speed up the drawing of a sketch.

With Flip/Mirror all sequences of play checked, the whole play will be flipped or mirrored instead of just the current sequence, when flipping or mirroring in the edit drawing tab.


For the default field colors press the Change button.


When a plugin is available you can select and/or activate the plugin.


Pressing the OK button will store the changes and bring you back to the main window.


Pressing the Apply button will store your changes.


The Cancel button will bring you back to the main window, no changes will be made.