Opening a plan list

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To open a plan list select the plan list tab, go to the File menu and choose Open...


From the Open menu you can select *.LST and *.CLT files. Where the *.LST files only contain a list of the plays and the *.CLT files contain a list of the plays and the complete description of the plays and drills in the list.


When Opening a *.LST file:

A play might not be in your database, when this is the case you will be asked if you want to continue loading the plan list.

If your answer is No the plan list will not be loaded into the play and drills database.


When opening a *.CLT file, or complete list file:

If the play name of the new play already exists in the database the Skip replace window is shown. This allows you to :

1.Skip/Cancel the loading of the play.

2.Replace the play in the database with the new play.