How do I download and open additional plays and drills ?

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First go the download play page at:
Click on the set of plays you like to download, when asked to open or save choose save and save the file (remember where you put it). Sometimes you have to right click on the link to be able to save the zip file.
---- You might skip the part if you are using win Xp
As the plays are placed in a zip file you will need an unzip program, which you can find at or
Some zip programs are free others are shareware.
Start your unzip program and open the file with plays you just downloaded.
Extract the plays (*.ebp or *.bak file) to a (temporary) folder/directory, remember the place.
Start the playbook program.
For the *.ebp files use the File-Open function.
For the *.bak files use the File-Open function and change the file type to Football Playbook Backup (*.bak) or to *.* to see the file you like to open.
After that follow the instructions on screen or press F1 for additional help.