- A -

Add a formation to a play

Add a new formation to the formation list

Adding a play

Additional play and drill information

Additional plays

Adobe Acrobat Reader

- B -

Backup category

Backup category

Backup database

Backup playbook

- C -

Change default field colors

Change field color

Copy a category

Copy a play

Copy cut and paste

Create a new formation

- D -

Default font

Delete a category

Delete a play

Download plays

Drag and drop

Drawing lines

- E -

Edit default line settings

Edit default player settings

Edit drawing tab

Edit ellipse

edit mail groups

Edit mail identity

Edit movement lines

Edit player

Edit polygon

Edit text tab

E-mail a play

e-mail address book

E-mail attachments

Exit program

Export a play in animated Flash

Export a play in animated GIF

Export a play in HTML

Export a play in PDF

Export a play list in HTML

Export a play list in HTML or PDF format

Export a play list in PDF

Export image in BMP

JPG or PNG format

Export play format

Export settings

- F -

Flip sketch

Football playbook homepage

- G -

Gif file format


- L -


Load multiple plays


- M -

Mirror sketch

Miscellaneous settings

- N -

New play from template

New play list

New play name

- O -

Opening a play

Opening a play list

- P -

Play list tab

Players don't go where I want them to


Precission is gone

Printer setup


Printing a play list

- R -


Register playbook software


Rename a play

Rename play
Rename category

Restore database

- S -

Saving a play

Saving a play list

select e-mail addresses

Selecting lines

Selecting players

Shortcut keys

Skip replace play

SMTP Server Settings

Submit a play

- T -

Text edit buttons

The symbols

Trial period

- U -


- V -

view tab

- W -

Winsock 2


- Z -

Zip and Unzip